About me, the guy

Hello! I’m Nathan, I’m thrilled to share my experiences and insights with you in the exciting world of music production. But first, let me introduce myself.

I was born and raised in Gloversville, New York, where I learned the value of community and the importance of hard work.

As I grew older, my journey took me to Scotia, NY, where I spent my formative years attending school from kindergarten through high school. Although I wasn’t an exceptional student, I always had a burning desire to do something extraordinary with my life.

“Being passionate about music production is an incredible journey of creativity and expression. It is a captivating realm where technology and artistry converge to bring dreams to life.”

At 18, fueled by a deep sense of patriotism and a hunger for new challenges, I made the life-changing decision to join the United States Air Force.

This path led me to become an aircraft structural mechanic, where I gained invaluable skills, discipline, and underwent transformative personal growth. Climbing the ranks to Staff Sergeant (E-5) was an achievement I am proud of.

However, my military journey took an unexpected turn when multiple leg surgeries led to my retirement in 2018 after 8 years and 8 months of service. Transitioning back to civilian life presented its own unique set of challenges. It required me to redefine my identity, explore new career opportunities, and adapt to a different lifestyle.

The process was both daunting and rewarding, teaching me the importance of seizing life’s opportunities and relentlessly pursuing my passions.

After retiring, I embarked on a new career journey at Boeing, a prestigious aerospace company. Starting from the ground up, I’ve steadily climbed the corporate ladder, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge in various roles.

My time at Boeing has honed my skills, opened doors to exciting opportunities, and connected me with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, I successfully completed a dual master’s program, earning both an M.B.A. and an M.S. in Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

About this time, I met my wonderful wife, who has been my rock through the ups and downs of transitioning out of the military. She has witnessed my transformation and supported me every step of the way. This paragraph serves as a heartfelt shout-out to her.

And now, we arrive at the present moment, where I discovered that my passion for music runs much deeper than I had ever imagined. For a long time, I doubted my ability to create music, blog, or pursue any creative endeavor without the necessary skill set.

However, I took the first steps on my music journey by obtaining an audio arts certificate from Full Sail University. Since then, I have been steadily building my skills and knowledge, working towards the ability to create my own music.

Being passionate about music production is an incredible journey of creativity and expression. It is a captivating realm where technology and artistry converge to bring dreams to life. For those who dive deep into this world, every beat, melody, and sound becomes a canvas for their imagination.

The joy of blending diverse elements, sculpting intricate harmonies, and crafting sonic landscapes is truly exhilarating.

The endless possibilities of composition, arrangement, and production fuel a fire within, pushing individuals to constantly refine their craft.

With each project, the passion grows stronger, fueled by the desire to create something truly transformative. Music production becomes more than a hobby or profession—it becomes an integral part of one’s identity, a vessel for emotions, and a means to connect with others on a profound level. The dedication and love poured into every production make the journey as a music producer extraordinary and endlessly fulfilling.

This blog serves as a personal repository for my knowledge about music, and as a guiding light for fellow musical souls on their own unique journeys. I don’t claim to know everything, nor am I really anyone of note. I am just here to help anyone interested in Music Production, and noticed that it is a pretty hard skill to learn about, especially for EDM.

If you’ve found yourself on my blog, I hope the information and insights you find here prove helpful in your own endeavors.